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About 2MyTicket's Fees

Here, we'll provide you with a clear explanation of how we set fees based on ticket prices. We prioritize fairness, ensuring your ticket cost enhances your event experience.

Acceptable Payment Methods

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Credit / Debit Cards


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  • A merchant fee of 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction applies to all purchases, with variations depending on the merchant

    • This fee applies only to the Ticket Price and the Convenience Fee (Conv. Fee)

  • Wix charges a 2.5% of the ticket price for processing ticket transactions which reflect as Service Fee during checkout

Things to know when using 2MyTicket

  • 2MyTicket charges fees to a customer when purchasing tickets on our site

  • If a customer request a refund and is approved by the organizers the only portion of the sale that will be refunded is the ticket price 

  • Our fees are unbeatable with those of other marketplaces

  • Ticket prices can be increased depending on the time to event, supply and demand, organizers demand, and ticket batches

  • Occasionally, fees may exceed our standard $5 per ticket motto due to organizer requests for supplemental funds to be include

  • Ticket sales end times may be adjusted due to the volume, adjustments made by organizer, sold out tickets, etc.

  • You will see a total break down at checkout divided into 2 sections (Conv. Fee & Services Fee)

  • After several failed attempts, cards may be temporary blocked to avoid any fraudulent transactions

Understanding Transaction Fees: A Detailed Example

Ticket Price:  $20

Conv. Fee:  $6

Wix Service Fee:  $0.50 

Total Amount:  $26.50

Processing Fee (2.9% plus $0.03):  -$1.05

Wix Service Fee:  -$0.50

Net Amount:  $24.95

2MyTicket Net Amount:  $4.95

This example illustrates how we calculate fees, aiming for a $5 (approximate) mark, setting us apart from competitors. We're committed to sparing our customers from exorbitant online fees, making 2MyTicket the preferred choice. Our mission is to spread awareness of these fees.  For any inquiries or assistance, reach out to our dedicated customer support team at

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